The coastal village of Kanatadika is located in the north of Evia near Istiaia. Kanatadika is best known for its ecologically important wetland biotope. The area consists of two shallow lagoons, a larger one called "Megalo Livari", a smaller one called "Mikro Livari" (large and small "meadow"). The lagoons are located on one of the three main routes of migratory birds crossing Greece. This makes them an important resting and breeding place for the birds. A total of 168 bird species have been counted here by ornithologists from Greece and abroad, some endemic and almost all migratory.  Species that reside in the lagoons include ducks, buffleheads, palm warblers, jackdaws, even pink flamingos can be observed here. The ecosystem is also home to over 21 species of mammals, such as otters, various small mammals and, in the nearby coastal area, Mediterranean seals. With a bit of luck, sea turtles and tortoises can also be observed in the area of the lagoons. The water surface and the bottom formations of the lagoons are overgrown with reeds, rushes and water lilies, and numerous flowering plants can be discovered depending on the season.

Mikro and Megalo Livari as well as the delta of the river Xeria and the water forest of Agios Nikolaos are under special ecological protection. They are part of the EU-wide network of protected areas "Natura 2000".


Nature lovers and hikers, however, also appreciate in Kanatadika the fish taverns with fresh local seafood along the beach and if you want to swim, enjoy the approx. 5 kilometre long beach, which consists of sand and pebbles.