drymonas waterfalls and mount xiron oros

One of the most beautiful gorges in Euboea is Drymonas with its waterfall. (Municipality of Elymnion, northern Euboea, about 34 km from Loutra Edipso). 

The area consists of densely overgrown and extraordinarily diverse woodland, in which plane trees, pines, firs, black pines, oaks, beeches, chestnuts, as well as a variety of bushes and fern species, which all frame the wildly romantic gorges of the river Sipias.

A special species of oak is Quercus trojana subsp. Euboica, which is found only in the northwest of Evia.

The name of the area and the nearby village of the same name, Drymonas, comes either from the large number of oaks (Drys-δρυς), or possibly also from the "hard" cold that prevails in the area in winter.

The area around the waterfall, located at an altitude of 620 metres, is supervised by the Forestry Officen oft he town Limni. From the car park above the waterfall, you can reach the starting point of the small hiking trail, where there is also a small rest stop of the forestry office, where you can refresh yourself by sitting in the shade of the enormous trees.

In the tiny natural history museum in the building, visitors have the opportunity to learn about plants and fossils of the area. 

Another trail leads to the summit of the mountain "Xiron Oros", about 4.5 km distance, where, according to the forestry office, one of the smaller, older volcanoes of Evia, which is not yet considered extinct, is located. The other hiking trail leads to the monastery of Ossios David. Despite the fires in summer 2021, this area is also still beautiful and fascinating. Xiros Oros Video 


Waterfall of Drymonas 

Starting from the rest area of the Forestry Office, you begin the descent along paths adapted to the surroundings all the way down to the waterfall.

Some of the paths are on gravel, covered with leaves and needles, while others are covered with natural stone slabs and bordered by wooden trunks and railings made of sturdy ropes. Depending on your walking speed, the path leads the visitor down to the waterfall in 5-10 minutes.

One of the small bridges made of wooden planks also blends harmoniously into the forest area.

The hiking trail is set up like a nature trail with informative panels on the surrounding trees, shrubs and ferns.

An incredible abundance of light, depending on the time of day and season, is overshadowed by the multiple greenery and interrupted by rays of sunlight, leading us through an overwhelming forest and rocky landscape, which seems almost mystical, but in any case wildly romantic. 

The accompanying sound of the gurgling, foaming or bubbling water of the Sipia (the amount of water depends, of course, on the amount of rainfall and the season) and accompanies the visitor all the way down into the valley and makes most people stop in amazement to dream in front of the waterfall pouring down from a height of 15 metres into a greenish-turquoise lake.

The gorge is a unique experience not only for nature lovers; photographers also like to take advantage of the multitude of natural objects and the special peculiarity of the light conditions here.

It is indeed a mystical place!